What is Frugal Hacking?

Carve Your Own Path

Frugal hacking is the concept of continuously improving your life day-over-day, month-over-month, and year-over-year. By challenging society's definitions of "success", you get to carve out your own colorful path in life by "hacking" the system, finding clever ways to get ahead in life, fast. 

Make your Own Rules

You could live a traditional life as dictated by the people around you, or you could play the game smartly and get ahead so fast that you end up devising your own game. The world is just too amazing to confine yourself to just one way of living it.

The World is your Oyster

This world of ours is vast, diverse and wonderful in its landscapes, cultures, languages, religions and people. Most people in this world live their entire life in a single place. Limiting your life to one city, arbitrarily picked by circumstance, simply cannot be the best way to experience this world. Embrace the entire world as your own, and you open up countless doors of opportunities to live a more fulfilled and joyful life. 

Myself and Mrs. FH are nomads at heart. Geographical flexibility is one of our most powerful life hacks because it allows us to choose our cost of living. You can pay $100 for a purse in San Francisco, $70 in Houston, $60 in Portland where there's no sales tax, $40 at an outlet mall, or $20 from a used store. Same purse - different prices. You get to pick.

Frugality is your Secret Weapon

The biggest reason people aren't able to get ahead in life is because they're limited by money. It's therefore super important to make sure your money is spent strategically and stretched maximally to give you the biggest return.

Consume Less

Being frugal is living and breathing the fact that most things are not worth buying. It's just shit your friends buy in the hopes that you'll think they're "cool". Marketers and advertisers also want you to think you need to buy their shit. The truth is, you just need enough money to afford the basics plus some mild luxury (if you can afford it); everything else is just noise in your life.

Spend Smart

Price is not equal to value. Think about the purse example above: same products but vastly different prices. People who are lazy and/or don't care about money almost always end up paying more for the same value. But these are the same people who are going to run out of money sooner than the frugalists, and so will therefore have to work harder or longer to compensate.

Are you ready to be a Frugal Hacker?

Do you want to be a sucker and spend all your money on shit you're not going to care about long-term? Or would you rather use that money to buy yourself an amazing life without the pressure of needing to work for money? Money is best spent attaining financial independence, not useless stuff on Amazon.

Mr. Frugal Hacker

Born in India. Grew up in Dubai for 15 years. Studied and lived in Canada for 8 years. Backpacked in Europe for 2 months. Lived in Toronto for 1.5 years. Working in San Francisco for the past 4 years. Runner, cyclist, software engineer.