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Meet the Frugal Hackers

Hi there! Welcome to the Frugal Hackers' family lifestyle and life hacking blog. Who are we? We're two young married Canadians of Indian origin living and working in San Francisco making $300k in annual income before taxes and expenses. We are on track to reaching a net worth of $1 million dollars by the age of 33 and 30 which will net us $40k in passive income every year.

At this point, we would consider ourselves to be financially independent, meaning we wouldn't have to work for money anymore, for the rest of our lives. We then plan on quitting our $300k silicon valley tech jobs, and move back to Vancouver, Canada where we will live for under $35k USD per year.

This blog documents our life journey detailing how we immigrated to North America when we were only 15, but managed to reach the holy grail of financial independence in just another 15 short years, exploiting the simple concepts of hard work and frugal hacking, and without any lottery winnings or inheritances.



This blog is about 3 things: being smart, being frugal, and hacking the system. It's about reducing life to what truly matters to you. For us, life is about the 4 F's: food, fitness, finance, and frugality. Life is too precious to be lived on someone else's terms - so let's go make it our own!

Read more about us and our story, track our net worth journey together with us, and view all our hacking posts on one page.